Sound In Media

Sound is an important part of media, mainly being vital in Radio, Films, TV and Games, it is used to guide us though the media experience either helping to imaging a landscape (Radio), making us feel upbeat or sad (all forms), and even to tell us to do or that we have done something (Games & Internet*).

*its not always used on the internet.

Differences between Sound in Games to other forms of Media

In Games, Sound is used to tell the player when they have done something, if a certain event is happening or to give the atmosphere more of an effect on the player. (in a certain environment like the woods they would use birds and leafs rustling.)

Music is the main form of communication in games as it can inform the player if in a battle or if they are wondering around a field, but the way it interacts with the player is if there in a certain point in the game.

For Example, in kingdom hearts II final mix, there is a point in the game where you can battle Roxas, the music used during that particular fight heavily orchestrated using rather low pitched instruments to give an intense feeling but they also use high pitched instruments every now and then in the soundtrack which gives of a rather sad and gloomy feeling.

For Comparision, In Films, sound is used to inform the viewer on how to feel, but will only happen at a specific time frame,

For instance, in a horror film sounds start to get more high pitched or louder, then it might stop to make the viewer feel like something is there or about to happen, and then either something will jump out or appear out of nowhere.