What is Captain N: The Game Master

Captain N: The Game Master is a cartoon that consists of 3 series that aired from 1989 and finished in 1991 that was Produced by DiC Entertainment and was shown on NBC (in america). and then was later shown in the UK and Ireland on POP! where it ran during the early 2000’s.

The show was Based on Nintendo Entertainment System library of games featuring Kid Icarus, Castlevania, Megaman and multiple others. The story follows Kevin Keene, a Teenager from Northridge, California, who was playing on his NES till he and his dog, Duke, get sucked though the TV entering a place called Videoland, where he is set a task, along side Team N, to defeat Mother Brain and her minions before she takes over Videoland.

Kevin and The Team N

CntgmkevinKevin: (also known as Captain N) is the main protagonist of the show, Kevin Keene is a Teenager from Earth who gets brought to Videoland to defeat Mother Brain before she takes over Videoland. While he is in Videoland, he lives in the Palace of Power as the leader of The N Team. He has no powers but has a power pad and a Zapper to help him on his journey.

CntgmdukeDuke: is Kevin’s Dog, who followed Kevin in to Videoland, and a member of the N team. he is very loyal and protective of Kevin but doesn’t have any abilities apart from being able to understand English.


Kid-safesimonPit: (Known as Kid Icarus in the show) is an angel from Mount Icarus, who joins the N team and He uses a bow. He is loosely based of Pit from the game, Kid Icarus, with differences being that this Pit can fly while the game Pit can’t.


198243-cntgmmegaman superMega Man: is a robot created by Dr. Light from Megaland. He hates being a robot but is very caring towards his friends in the N team but has been promised a chance of being human once Mother Brain is defeated. His abilities are his strength and his blaster.


Snapshot20120313160348Simon Belmont: is a vampire hunter from Castlevania, who desides to join the N team because of his one sided relationship to Princess Lana. His abilities come from his strength and magical whip. He is the very fond of himself being the most vain of the group.



Lana Pan2

Princess Lana: is the Princess of Videoland and daughter to King Charles. She also leads the N Team along side Kevin and lives in the palace of Power. Her Father, King Charles, was banished to the Mirror Zone by Mother Brain. Although she doesn’t fight in battle, she has great leadership skills and focuses on planning and motivating her team mates.



The Forces of Chaos

Image.outMother Brain: is the main antagonist of the show, who lives in a spacecraft known as Metroid where she plans ways to take over Videoland. while she is a massive brain in a jar, she is very vain about herself and is very determined to take over. she is very intelligent but still loses. classic cartoon villians.


586413-4336923-cel 039King Hippo: is a boxer from the world of Punch Out in videoland. he works for Mother Brain as part of the Forces of Chaos along side the Eggplant Wizard. He is a very strong character but has no intelligence and a short temper.


3cooloffEggplant Wizard: is a Eggplant with human features that can cast spells. he works alongside King Hippo as part of Mother Brain’s Forces of Chaos. Unlike King Hippo he is intelligent but doesn’t like direct confrontation. his spells are all based on Fruit and vegtables.


CAPTAINN-wilyDr. Wily: is a Mad scientist from Megaland. he works for Mother Brain but tends to work by her side than with the other two. He is the main source of the Villians weapons and has created robots for Mother Brain.




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