We was tasked with conducting research on what would be the best deal for a mobile phone to improve our research skills.

Researching Mobile Phones

We conducted some research on mobile phones in small groups, the main focus was what phone would suit the desires of the student but at the cheapest price. My group focused on the most popular phones and focused on finding the cheapest Pay monthly deal on Carphone Warehouse using the deal finder.

We looked at 20 of the most popular phones to find what would be the cheapest, mainly on what can make calls and texts (they might have camera, music player e.t.c. built in which would be a bonus). and we found out that the cheapest phone was the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime at £9.50 a month and the most expensive phone was the I phone 6 at £44 a month.



From this task, i have improved my researching skills and i have learned to do conduct primary research.


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