As technology evolves, so does the use of 3D, being either models or making characters pop out of the screen. its has evolved since the days when media was starting out.

Development History Of 3d in Media

1896 – Arrival Of A Train At La Ciotat filmed by The Lumiere Brothers was filmed and released to the publics viewing being considered the first ever motion picture produced in modern history. Some have said that the first group of people to see it ran from the viewing

1940/1950 – Around this time was known as “The Golden Age Of Hollywood” Where Hollywood Strengthened the film industry, where production companies started creating feature length films and colour films.

1950s – TV was introduced into the market for viewers to watch films at home, this became a threat to the film Industry, so they created the first “Mind-Blowing” 3D films using Red and Blue glasses and effects on the screen to create the illusion of 3D

1960s – 3D wasn’t enough for the Film industry so they created widescreen so the viewers can get more experience and what people see on the TV screens won’t be the full picture.

1970s – A New form of media was created bring with it interaction instead of a set moving picture, a note worthy one being Tennis for two or Pong. This new form of media was called Video Games bringing with it Arcades where you could play these new pieces of technology

1980s – The Video Games industry was brought home with the atari 2600 and Nintendo entertainment system (Famicon) so people don’t have to leave there homes to play the games they can play in the arcades.

Early 1990s – The Home Console market became a threat to the arcades which made them upgrade the machines for more fast pasted game play and more colourful and higher quality sprites.

Mid 1990s – Home Console market started to upgrade, bringing “16-bit” Graphics and better sound quality then the last generation of home consoles bringing the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega drive (genesis).

Late 1990s – Both Home Consoles and Arcades were on par with graphical capabities using Full 3D Polygonal models. Arcades took gaming to the next level bringing in more physical ways to control the game with guns, steering wheels and more.

2000s – 3D became a repeated thing in games now. so it was pretty much normal for games to be 3D.

2005/2006 – 3D became less like polygons and more realistic with the release of the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 (not so much on the Wii) creating HD worlds in games like Uncharted & GTA 4

2009 – The Film Avatar by James Cameron (while a bad film) used special 3D Glasses that were different to the Red & Blue ones. bringing 3d in to a new reality.

2010 – TVs were now bring produced with 3D TV which utilise the glasses used for Avatar and where usable at home instead.

2012/2013 – The Oculus Rift was created bringing with it “Virtual Reality” where the player is now in the virtual world instead of looking at a screen they can look around like they are actually there.

2014/2015 – The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Wii U are The Next generation of Consoles with 1080p Graphical advancements, and more memory bring more photo-realistic games.

Would it be Possible to be pushed farther

With new Technological advancements being discovered all the time there is no saying when they will stop with new consoles starting with Nintendo’s in Production Console known as the NX. We can only imaging when they will stop & or if they will stop.