Metroid: Other M Cinematic Trailer.

How sound is used to create meaning & atmosphere

In the trailer, there isn’t many sound apart from narrative and the background music so we will focus on what is there. As the dialog intensifies, the music within the trailer also intensifies, keeping up with the dialog. it gave of a rather depressing feel and it makes you wonder while the character is sad.

What sound techniques have been used?

Music: They use slow-pasted relaxing music that gets higher pitched as the narrative gets more depressing.

Narrative: The Voice over was soft and serious, like talking to a therapist, talking to the viewer expressing her feelings towards her past actions. This gives of more of a serious feeling but also makes you worry and wonder about what has happened.

Busy futuristic street: These sound set the time of the game being in a futuristic world.

How does the sound relate to the cinematic trailer?

The sound makes you feel like this trailer is for a game that is relatively depressing and has a dark feel to it, this makes the player feel sympathy for the Character (Samus Aran) want to see what is going on apart from a few flashback clips that show a military squad that she was apart of with a commanding officer being a primary part of the trailer being shown twice which could mean he is the reason for her feelings.

What would you change?

I would change it by adding a few more flashbacks to give the player more of a clear view on what the game is about.