3D modelling is a widely used skill in the video game industry, so today i looked at 3D modelling as a career option. focusing on the education needed, the required skills and the career path to get in to that particular job.

Senior 3D Artist

What do you do in this Job: 

  • manage the amount of work done within the 3D department,
  • shape the 3D art department to what the companies goals are
  • train the newer 3D-Artists,
  • support the art leads with visual development and Presenting new and existing games projects in more detail,
  • Creating 3D Models for characters, vehicles, environments and other elements at a high quality,
  • Assemble Materials that can be used as reference as well as guides on visual and technical styles for all the 3D artists,
  •  And compile concept artwork and your own ideas to the work.

Educations & Skills Required

  • A degree or HND in an art subject. (no required but most artists in the games industry do).
  • Have vast amount on knowledge using 3D software mainly being 3D Studio Max & Maya.
  • Have a vast amount knowledge using 2D software like Photoshop.
  • The ability to adapt to software tools that have been created by the company.