What is Juxtaposition?

Juxtaposition is the effect that is can be seen when two or more contrasting elements (Butterfly in a Volcano for example). Juxtaposition is used can be used in multiple different ways but is usually portrayed in horror using nursery rhymes or opera in a chase or killing scene.

Images that uses Juxtaposition


How I did My Attempt at Juxtaposition

My images is a Gem Forest (or Forest of Gems) where Gems grow out of the ground instead of being found underground.

I did my image using Photoshop by moving images in to the place I want them and them using the rubber tool just rubbing away at a copy of the background image to get the Gems to look like they just appeared from the ground and recolored the background to make it look un-natural.

My Juxtaposition image

Juxtaposition - The Ruby Forest