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November 2015

Week 4: Foliage Primary Research – Trip to Westgate Gardens

A trip to Westgate Gardens

During this week, we went to Westgate Gardens in Canterbury to take some photos, record some sounds and sketch for our foliage tasks. It was a perfect day to do it too, The sky was clear, it was a light wind, it was the middle of Autumn, and it was in a nice quiet area. Continue reading “Week 4: Foliage Primary Research – Trip to Westgate Gardens”


Week 6/7: The Sound of Voice

The Sound of Voice

Voice (Narrative, Vocals) is an extremely important part of telling a story now a days (apart from a few exceptions), It helps give the characters feeling and a personality, so we was tasked with re-creating a walkie talkie transmission.

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Week 8: Virtual Gallery VS Reality Gallery

A Virtual Gallery VS Actually Going to a Gallery

We was tasked with finding the pros and cons of viewing a virtual gallery and comparing them to the pros and cons of actually visiting a museum. For the case of example we will be using The Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre and the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Week 6/7 : Contracts

What is a Contract?

A contract is the proof of a agreement between two parties that mainly involves employment or sales, these are intended to be enforceable by the law.

The only thing that the law considers validacy in a contract would be if the agreements contain: offer and acceptance; an intention between the parties to create binding relations; Consideration to be paid for the promise made; genuiene consent of the parties; and the legality of the agreement.

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Week 6/7: Audience Influence

Audience Influence

Audiences are a big part of selling a product, without an audience you can not make earnings on your product while creating the product, but its not a simple task to gain an audience, it all comes down to money & strategy.

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Week 3: Art Inspired by Music

Art Inspired by Music

We was tasked with drawing of what we feel connect to different songs.

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Week 5: The Sounds of Foliage (Limbo Dubs)

Limbo Dubbing 

Sound is a major part of creating an foliage filled environment in Video games, so we have been tasked with re-dubbing a scene from the game Limbo using Paper and Household Objects.

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Week 3: Psychology of 3D models (Lighting and atmosphere in Horror games)

Psychology of 3D models

What we did is create a house using a single box model, we turned the polygons inside out and extruded the rooms out. We also used lighting to add atmosphere to the house with relatively dim lights to create a horror style atmosphere.

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Week 1: Grey-scaling in 3DS Max (Deconstructing & Reconstructing a Landscape)

What is Gray-Scaling

Gray-Scaling is a way to create an environment by deconstructing an image to smaller details that can be used to create a copy in a different medium. For example we have been tasked with deconstructing a landscape and recreating it in to 3DS Max

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