We was given the task of drawing still life box formations to try and create the illusion of a 3D object. While my drawing skills are the best i can see how this can be effective towards creating the illusion of something 2D popping out at visually looking 3D. we are doing this to understand depth of 3D models.

Here is the Original image and under neath that is my Attempts at the illusion of 3D.

2015-09-29 16.00.56

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While this task was nice to do and was relaxing, I think if i had more time i would have done better. my lines and shading could use alot of work as while i do show where the light shines, i could of done it better on the pencil and inverse versions. The negative zone drawing is my personal favourite out of the lot. I think it would be useful in the future for the next time i do something with alot of lighting.