David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge.

We were tasked with watching David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge and then analyzing what he was explaining about Perspective drawings, and write up a synopsis. We was tasked with this to get an understanding of how art has become more “Photo-realistic” than it use to be.


What David Hockney explained how Art has become more “Photo-realistic” ever since the 1420s, the way they did it is by using a “Camera Obscure” which is just a piece of Glass or a concave mirror which would, with the right lighting, Reflect the image through the glass on to the canvas where it would be traced out with near perfect detail.

I said “near perfect detail” as you can only reflect so much so most of the focus from the lens would be either In or out of focus, so from certain points they would have to move around the lens and get different viewpoints to make the picture larger. David Hockney says that it was a good idea to do that as it gives the illusion that makes you feel like your actually there instead of just looking at a one perspective image.


For: It makes the detail of the image, near perfect giving what paved the way for cameras taking photos.

Against: It by some can be considered cheating by some people and if that was shown of when this was new it wouldn’t be as spectacular was it back then.


Perspective Drawing is the same either way it is used, its more up to the choice of the viewer on how they look at it but in my opinion it was a good idea and still is to get right feel for drawing.

My Attempts at Perspective Drawings

Tools Used: Pencil and a Ruler.

Skills: Drawing a line with a ruler, Some Free Hand, Visual perspective.

One Point Perspective

This was a relatively easy task with the only problem being that i focus on a small section of the image and when I apply it to my Attempt, i can miss the structure and it would end up different to how it would be from the original image. I found that drawing the lines and finding the center of the image was relatively easy.

I found this task to be at a neutral difficulty. the problems i had was trying to get a good picture of the high street and again the problem i have on focusing on a small section and messing with the structure. everything else about this was easy but i didn’t put in the people that you can see in the original image to speed up the process.

Two Point Perspective

This task was really easy, as the image is simple to work with it was alot more easier to do with no problems apart form lining up the window in the image. my attempt, in my opinion can be altered just a little bit but all in all is still good.

I found this Hard as the image is on a hill and the roads curves which makes the points harder to work with. most of it was done free hand as working with all the lines made it quite messy and i lost track of my location on the image alot. I think this can be improved by taking the picture at a higher angle.


The drawings we’re relatively easy apart from the fact that i might focus on a point of the drawing and then go focus on another part without realizing that it doesn’t sync up to the original. The two point perspective is harder than the one point because you got to focus on two points instead of one. The tools i used were a ruler and a pencil to make things line up. If i were to do this again in the future, I would focus on the hole image instead of just a small area of the main image.