Social Media

Social Media is used everyday, to communicate with friends and update people on recent events, but it can also be used as a means of Advertising for products. This can be really useful for games developers who need to find an audience that will be interested in there game. For some social media websites, you can pay for your product to be advertised for an extra boost in getting your product out to the world. some examples of websites that can be used are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Tumblr just to list a few.

Crowd Funding (Marketing Your Game)

Crowd Funding is used by some developers as a way to raise money, awareness and support from people interested in the product. its mostly done with a reward system like getting a game early or getting special incite on the development process like concept art and soundtracks. but this is only possible if you can gain an audience willing to fund the product.

Our Idea for a marketing plan.

We were tasked in groups to create a marketing plan, and our idea was to pay and give a free demo copy to popular internet gaming celebrities to show off to there audience to gain an audience that way, and get them to support the game. using rewards like a early game copy, Name in the credits, a demo copy, and the choice of adding new enemies and characters to the game.

A good example of something similar to this is with the game Shovel Knight which was backed up by the Game Grumps.

Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games — Kickstarter

Shovel Knight – Game Grumps – YouTube