What is Gray-Scaling

Gray-Scaling is a way to create an environment by deconstructing an image to smaller details that can be used to create a copy in a different medium. For example we have been tasked with deconstructing a landscape and recreating it in to 3DS Max

Deconstructing a Landscape.

What we did is we got a picture of an area in Chicago and deconstructed it to understand what Job role would work on what area of the city in a video game stand point and to get the shapes of the buildings to put in to 3DS Max and recreate.

city scape outline

Reconstruction of a landscape

After deconstructed the landscape, we recreated it in 3DS max using box models to create a gray scaled model, from this it can be re-texture it with generic building textures or anything. gray scaled cityscape


This task went very well. I think figuring out how the landscape was created was easy. my only problem is trying to implement them in to 3DS max to create a copy of the original image but with the basic models.