Audience Influence

Audiences are a big part of selling a product, without an audience you can not make earnings on your product while creating the product, but its not a simple task to gain an audience, it all comes down to money & strategy.

We was tasked with finding out how audiences respond to different products of these three categorys. (Negative, Positive & Cult)

Negative (Big Rigs)

Big Rigs is an Extremely Underdeveloped game for PC were you play as a 1 of 4 trucks “racing” around 5 tracks. This game became Infamous to alot gamers  and even got the worst ratings from critics everywhere, but became loved for the fact that the game is so broken. its possible to drive though physical objects, Nothing slows down momentum and reversing doesn’t have a limit. the game is so broken that you always in races as the rival truck doesn’t even leave the starting line.

Positive (Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader)

Star Wars Rogue Squardron II: Rogue Leader is a star wars game for the Nintendo GameCube and was given extremely positive reviews but didn’t get many sales due to the popularity of rival consoles (Playstation 2 & XBOX). There wasn’t anything wrong with the game apart from a few bits, but all in all the the next star wars game to be released, Star Wars Battlefront, was released Playstation 2, Xbox in 2004 and sold alot more copies.

Cult (EarthBound/Mother 2)

EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) is The sequal to Mother (EarthBound beginnings outside of Japan as it was just released on The Wii U’s Virtual console in October 2015) and was an RPG released for The Super Nintendo but only got a small audience around the life of the SNES and it was considered a Hidden Gem, till Super Smash Brothers was released in 1999 For Nintendo 64 which featured Ness from earthbound as an unlockable character to be part of the game. From that point on Earthbound has become a game beloved by many.