What is a Contract?

A contract is the proof of a agreement between two parties that mainly involves employment or sales, these are intended to be enforceable by the law.

The only thing that the law considers validacy in a contract would be if the agreements contain: offer and acceptance; an intention between the parties to create binding relations; Consideration to be paid for the promise made; genuiene consent of the parties; and the legality of the agreement.

Examples of Contracts

Full-Time: A Full time contracts refers to people that work 35 hours a week, anything over that is considered overtime

Part-Time: A part time contract is the same as a full time contract with the differents being that they work less hours.

Fixed-Term: a fixed-term contract is when a person works for a set amount of time. but when that time is over it is then decided if they move on to a full time contract or not.

Freelance: A freelance contract is when someone is self-employed and doesn’t work for a specific employer.



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