A trip to Westgate Gardens

During this week, we went to Westgate Gardens in Canterbury to take some photos, record some sounds and sketch for our foliage tasks. It was a perfect day to do it too, The sky was clear, it was a light wind, it was the middle of Autumn, and it was in a nice quiet area.

Preparation for the Westgate Gardens

Before we went to the Westgate Gardens, we had to prepare what we would take with us and what safety precautions we should be aware of while we are on the trip.


  • Camera (For Taking Pictures)
  • Sound Recorder (For Sound Recording)
  • Sketch Pad (To sketch on)
  • Pencil (To sketch with)

What we did

We took pictures of Multiple Different types of foliage like trees, grass and bushes using a camera, sketched some trees using a pencil and some paper and recorded sound using a sound recorder.

What went wrong

During Recording for some of the audio tracks, an empty plastic bottle was being blown around and the sound was caught in the recording.

What did you find interesting

I found the way the trees move in the wind interesting…



Moving Bush

Walking On Leafs



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It was a relatively easy task and was a nice change of passe than what we usually have, The Equipment was easy to use and from this, the importance of Foliage is much more clearer than is was originally. This would be useful in the future as it gave me the experience that i need for when i am going out to get my own sounds and reference images.