The Sound of Voice

Voice (Narrative, Vocals) is an extremely important part of telling a story now a days (apart from a few exceptions), It helps give the characters feeling and a personality, so we was tasked with re-creating a walkie talkie transmission.

This is the final result –

The Process

We used Audacity to create the audio clip,

  1. We opened the file we was going to edit and we cleared up all the noise to get a clear sounding voice.
  2. We selected the equalizer tool and created to get a fuzzy sounding audio clip.Audacity 2
  3.  We added in a different noise so we still had the voice but with a little bit of noise to sound like it was actual getting transmitted.Audacity 1
  4. We used the envelope tool to make it fade in and out like it would if it was a transmission.Audacity 4
  5. We used the Reverb tool just to edit how much reverb it has and the pre-delay to add a little lag between each time the voice is heard.

How Does is Compare to the Original?

The Original is much more clearer and sounds like your in the same room as them and the Walkie Talkie version sounds like it comes from a walkie talkie.

What did you Learn?

From this I learned that editing voice clips is very effective for getting certain styles of voice, and can be used as a good replacement for everyday objects if needed.