Our Game Idea

In groups of 6, We was tasked with creating a game idea that is based in a Jungle (or Forest) and we came up with an Action/Adventure game based in an Isolated Alien Planet, where your main goal is to explore the planet with in a set limit of 2 months, before you run out of food and water, to Find a way off the planet and return back home.

Job Roles that can be used on the project

  • Concept Artist
  • Story Writer
  • 3D Modelers
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Games Designer
  • Effects Artists
  • Audio Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Graphics Designer

Detail on a Specific Job Role that can be used on the project

Audio Engineer

About the Role: In this role, you will be creating soundtracks for the game, including Music, Sound effects, character voices, spoken instruments and ambience.

Qualifications Required: Non-Specific; Degree in sound engineering is useful;

Skills Required: Timing, Knowledge of relevant software and tools, Attention to detail

Experience Required: A portfolio of work, Time specific is depending on project and company



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