Hard-Surface Models

Hard-Surface models are man-made objects that have been put in to a video game to create atmosphere. Today we were tasked with choosing two images that show hard-surface models but with different feels and explain how the environment tell a story.


ACS’s Victorian London image looks bright and small, having very little Buildings apart from the odd few like the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

On the Other hand, SR3’s Steelport Looks Large and industrial, having skyscrapers with neon signs and lights that shine in to the sky.


SR Gat Out of Hell’s Armchairagaddon weapon has rail guns attached to it and makes it look deadly.

While Sims 4’s Chairs look comfy like a normal chair would

Creating our own hard-surface object

We was tasked with creating a walkie talkie model, and here is the final product.

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