This week, we were given our project for the term concerning the 19th century, but with the twist of the Napoleonic era lasting longer as napoleon has found “the tesseract” a source of “unlimited power.” This unlimited power can be used to upgrade weapons, and become a source of electric-like power.

For this project, we were put in to groups to work on the end task of creating an underground bunker for usage in the game. This group consists of Myself, Josh, Kye, Bethan, James and our production manager Jay.

Stuart : Games Studio Identity

Problem: What could the problems be when setting up a games studio? How would people identify you?

While i think the logo looks great, i believe we could go with a better name or something more simplistic that more people would grab attention too.SEWe was tasked with creating a group name and a logo, This took us a while to do but after lost of great ideas and a few disagreements, we decide to go with Schrodinger entertainment with the option to change it in the future if we so please. this is the logo that was created.

Cat: Wellington And Napoleon Character Profile

Problem: How could you create a game environment without the knowledge of the leading two characters?

Here we were tasked with collecting information on Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. We did this by splitting in to two groups, one working on napoleon and the other working on the duke of wellington. By the end of the lesson we had created two profiles for them.

napoleon profile document

wellington profile document

We created these so we can get an understanding of the important parts of the main characters history to see how it could effect the way we create our bunkers and to get a better understanding on the characters and there actions of which our world revolves around.


This task was extremely interesting to work on and i found out alot more on the Napoleonic war that I didn’t know about. I found the task easy to do as the information is everywhere on the internet and thanks to it being part of British history there was alot about it on the BBC. The only problem that we faced when doing this was deciding what information was important to the task and characters but after discussing with the group we had all the information gathered together.

Adam: World Building and Storytelling

Problem: What type of sounds would have been audible in a bunker back in the 1970’s during Napoleons reign. Would the power of the tesseract have had any impact on the technology available?

We was tasked to discuss the assets that would be in our rooms and which ones would make sounds, Once we decided what assets would create audio, we looked in to what sounds they would make. So In our groups, we had to research items that would exist in our game, we looked alot at items that existed in the 19th century as our game is set in the 1870s, and since this was also part of an alternate timeline, we had a look at some advances in technology that could be used as in this timeline napoleon discovered the tesseract that gives unlimited power. We also took note that the room itself could effect the sounds produced by the objects.


Here is the Mind Map that was created with the rest of the class that looks at all of the key components for creating audio that could exist in the timeline we are developing.


This task was interesting as i got to research technology that was created around the 19th century, even with that the task was easy to complete. The main problem, I had was trying to figure out how tesseract technology would sound, this was solved by thinking of it as a quiet generator.

Jay: 3D modeling a Compass

We was tasked with creating a compass to be placed in our environments but with the limit being that our rooms must be 70,000 tris only per room. This will be discussed more in the skills portfolio for this week.


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