This week was to focus on designing the location and the look of the bunker by researching 19th century Canterbury and the 19th century in general.

Bunker Location

For this task, we had to find a sutable location for our bunker, so in our team we came up with a few ideas of wear it can be located and we choose to have it with these factors:

  • Distance from trade routes
  • Distance from food and water
  • Distance from densely populated areas
  • Whether there was enough cover from the surroundings
  • How easy the location is to access
  • Stability of the location.

After some thought and time, we located it in Canterbury Castle which in that time was ruin after being built in the 12th century.

Canterbury Castle Out Side
Canterbury Castle Inside

During this task, there was multiple team imports and opinions but after everyone agreed to the location being Canterbury Castle. there were no problems and was a great team effort.


For this task we were asked to create some Mood-boards on Location, Inspiration, Lighting, Style, Design and the props that would be used to create our bunker. each mood-board has images connected to it and a description of why they are chosen. (sources to the images are in the document)

Environment + Locations

Inspiration and reference

Lighting and style

set Design + Props

This task was more independent but each team member helped each other by pointing each other in the right direction.