Problem: How would members of the rebellion navigated in 1875? Would the power of the tesseract have changed their access to technology?

Texturing The Compass

This week, we finished of the compass by texturing the Compass, but we learned a new method of texturing called pelt mapping, this is done by creating your own seams for the texture so you can make sure the texture doesn’t stretch when applied to the model. we could check that the textures won’t stretch by using the checkered squares from the uv editor and applying them to the model.

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I found this task fun to do and was easy to complete. i had a problem trying to get a good image for the compass vectors so i had to look up one on a free images website.


Audio Narrative

Problem: How could sound be used in 1975 to tell a story/narrative in your bunker?

How could you implement audio narrative in your bunker?

As a team, we thought about how we could play audio in the bunker knowing that the game is set in 1870s, we came up with a few ideas together like an interactable Item (Book, Compass) and some thought about using a gramophone which was a popular way of playing music back then, but in the end, we found out there is a recording device created in that time called a phonograph. so we decide to go with that.

Edison Phonograph

Design a Character

Our next task was to design a character to be used for the audio log, and the person I created was Jacob Phillips nicknamed Rookie.

Writing the script

Rookie Script in Sleeping quarters


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