This week was mostly about what type of game, it will be while looking at its features and its story. we also continued Designing our Bunker

Game Features

This week, we was tasked with creating features for the game. These are the ideas of features we could have in the game:

  • Lootable Environments
  • Multiple Character Selections with Extensive Backgrounds
  • Selectable Missions
  • Fully Interactable Environments
  • Free-Roaming
  • Re-live the Napoleonic wars with a twist
  • Lootable Zones
  • Customizable Weapons
  • Player Customization
  • Side Quests/ Challenges
  • Base Buildings
  • Fully Interactive Enviroments
  • Bonus Content (Pre-Order)
  • Mini Games (Checkers, Chess, Dominoes)
  • Multiplayer And Co-op

There were a few more like DLC but the group wasn’t all on the same page for them so we disagreed.

Bunker Floor Plan

For this task, we were tasked to create a floor plan for our rooms, this is what i finished with

Bunker Birds eye view
This was created During Week 4

I am happy with what i have done here but i had to make do with what i had because i couldn’t find exactly what i needed.

Story Development – Types of Story

Problem: What types of story could you use in your bunker?

we were tasked to discuss in our groups to create a mind map of different types of story could be used in our bunker, as there are so many types of genres and ways to tell stories, we looked in to the back story. and how napoleon took over europe with the tesseract. (the source of unlimited power)

We decided that the genre of the story was an Action, Tragedy story. and it will focus on how the characters will survive and salvage the last remainder of historic furniture, literature and art.