Creating a Book in 3DS Max

This week we were tasked with creating a book, this was to improve our texturing skills, we used the skills that we had learned from term 1 and the last few weeks. to create the book and this was a final project.

Problem: How could you tell a story through visuals alone in 1875?

A visual element helps bring a story to a world and character, even if there is a crack in the wall or a watch on someones desk, it lets you know more without having to tell you, but if it was all clean and texture-less, it make things feel out of place or untouched.

We started the task off by researching how books looked in the 19th century, this is the image i used as reference when creating my book.

We started of by creating a box model and then using edit poly to show where the edges of the book over would be. Once that was all done, we unwrapped the model and created a UV map so that textures could be applied. We then opened up photoshop and added textures from Once the texture map was created we applied it to the model and created our book.

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This task was easy to complete. The only problem I had was applying the book covers edges in, this was solved by painting over the sides with a brown colour taken from the book.

Audio Narrative – Part 2

This week we recorded our Audio logs and edited it. The task was fun to do, it was nice to record. I changed up my voice to match, what I thought my character would sound like.

The editing was alittle bit hard to figure out but in the end and with a little help from the team. it sounded just right.

I am happy with the final product but i could have made it alot better, i could have added more sounds the in the background and made it sound alittle bit more like it was recorded on an older device.


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