This week was mostly continuing past tasks from last week, mainly working on the story and bunker layout

Photoshoped Interior Designs

This week we were creating our layouts in Photoshop to get more of a feel of how they would look in the game, so in our groups we made sure we kept a the theme of wooden floors and stone walls and ceilings.

Bunker Birds eye view
Birds eye view of the bunker

Reflection is in last weeks post.

Environment Story

This week in our groups we focused on our environment story. The way we did this was, to say that the world is currently covered with troops patrolling the streets looking for the bunker dwellers, while the streets of canterbury are in ruin with people laying on the streets looking for food and shelter.

This was a quick task done with the team tell each other they had the same idea but i’m sure there were more that we looked in too.