Creating a classic Chair in 3DS Max

Problem: In Your Bunker you would require areas of seating for members of the rebellion to rest and recuperate. what would these be?


We first had to look for a chair that we wanted to create and this is the one i chose due to its simplistic and the fact that it could be made in a few tris.

Creating the Chair and texturing it

The chair was very simple to make using only boxes to create the chair, but we also learned how to use the line tool to create  3d Cylindrical models using 2D shapes that would be created though the lathe tool. (I used this later in a Table model) It was then textured using a smooth wood texture that is similar to the reference image.

This is the final Model after being textured.

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This task was easy to complete with very little issue, The only problem i had was trying to get the dark chair colour right, this was solved by toning down the brightness and contrast of the wood texture before it was applied.

Sound Performance for a Steam Punk Robot Walk Animation

Problem: How could you use household objects to create convincing synchronized sound for a pre defined video clip.

We was tasked with creating sound for a steam punk robot walk animation using foliage. so in our groups, we decide what sound would have been heard during that animation here are some of the ideas we had

  • Steam from the joints of the robot
  • Clanking of rusty and loose parts
  • The landing of the Foot
  • the movement of the joints

Once we had what we needed we all used some metallic items to create the sounds for the steam-punk robot. the problems we faced were trying to keep a sound timed with the animation and making sure we are not moving away from the microphone and keeps the important sounds closer while the background sounds further.


This task was fun to complete. The problem that came to our attention was trying to figure out how close we should stand to the microphone, This was solved by having the more important sounds closer to the mic while background sounds were further away.