This week, we continued to look in to our bunker design and the story

Bunker Room Diorama Model

Problem: How could you get a feel for the space within your bunker room? Without making use of only the floor plans you created last week.

This week, we were tasked to create our bunker rooms while using a shoe box.


Story Development – Player Story

We were tasked to create the backstory of the player character, and while the character is genderless. They were once a part of wellingtons army but once the army was defeated by the power of the tesseract, only the player survived and after a couple of years of living in the streets of Canterbury on there own they stumbled up on the Underground bunker full of Survivors of wellingtons army and some newer members. from that point, we now work with the bunker salvaging the remainder of historical objects.

This task was easy as the group focused on this together and all agreed to make this the story with alterations if needed so in the future.