This week, we focused on our bunker rooms.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Problem: When creating game environments what problems could you face in terms of creating ambience and atmosphere and how would you solve them.

The Difference between Ambience and Atmosphere

While They both technically have the same meaning Ambience is more focused on the feel.

To show our understanding of this topic, we were tasked to create our chosen topic using preselected material and editing it in audacity to create the atmosphere. The topic i got was an epic castle, straight away it made me think of Ganon’s castle from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time. so using what i had i wanted to recapture the feeling I had going though that castle and this is what i created:

This task was extremely fun and easy to do, and i’m extremely happy with my final results. i had no problems doing this but i wanted to add a spiritual chant in there to make it feel mystical but it changed the feel of the castle so it was taken out.

Speed Modeling Task

Problem: What are the potential problems with completing a project? How can you ensure it gets complete?

This week, we were given the challenge to create anything in 3ds max including its textures with in 1 hour 30 minutes as long as it could be used in the bunker. the problems of this task on time is the fact that we have to work faster and will have to make sure we make minimal mistakes and have a large understanding of what we are making and the shortcuts we could use to speed up our process.

For this task, I focused on creating a bunk bed because of its simplistic design and the fact that its apart of my design for my bunker room. this is the bed i am recreating.


The Model was easy to create using alot of boxes, the pillows where the hardest to create as they need to be altered using edit poly by moving certain points to create a plush look to it.

And this is what it looks like after i had finished.

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This task was pretty easy as the bunk bed is mainly made out of boxes so it was easy to create and connect each part, the hardest bit to create were the pillows because it was something I hadn’t done before but after looking up some examples only i managed to create them.