This week, We focused on marketing for our games.

Marketing Your Game

Problem: With Punka Studios being an indie studio, which marketing solutions would be most suitable?

Marketing the game is extremely important to get sales as with out them you can’t find a fan base and without a fan base, you won’t be able to sell your game. so we were tasked to research ways to market a game and then create our own.

Researching ways to market our game.

While researching ways to market the game, we came across the most popular methods being though social media sites like Facebook and twitter. here are a few more we came across:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Accounts
  • Twitch Banners
  • Gaming Forums
  • Magazines
  • Game Stores
  • Kickstarter

Creating Our Own Promotional Material

Once we had done our research we were tasked with creating some promotional material for our games. these are my advertisements

Facebook Cover Photo


Promotional Poster


This task was fun when it came to creating the promotional art because of the creative freedom we had to create our work. The research was a little bit tedious but its understandable how important it is to the task. I am happy with both my pieces of work but I could do alot better in the future by learning more of the effects that could be used.