This week, we are focusing on creating our room and more assets for the room and getting it all in to Unreal Engine 4

Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing – Room

Problem: How would you ensure your room is a proportionate scale to the rooms of your group members?

For this task, we were told to discuss the room dimensions in our groups and we all decided on our room dimensions being:

Height = 240cm

Length = 700cm

Width = 550cm

We translated that in to 3DS Max and created them using Boxes and we inversed the model so we could work from the inside instead of outside.

The main reason we created the rooms now were to learn more advanced methods of texturing using these texture maps.

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These maps are used to make the walls shiny and gain more depth when created and in Unreal Engine the its used to create the illusion of 3D walls. This is what it looked liked.


This task was easy as our tutor explained it clearly and understandably, making the task quick to do and after it was created and imported to unreal engine, it looked like the walls were actually 3d models.

Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing – Assets

Problem: How would you manage all of the assets you need to create?

For this task, we created an asset list to show how many models and sounds we need to create. this is the asset list.

asset list

This task was easy and I believe i did well on it, the problem i faced when doing this was finding the sounds that i needed using free sound sites as you can’t always find what your looking for or if you d you might have to pay for it. to solve that issue i continued to search or i used my own created sounds.