This week we focused on finishing off the bunker room by adding assets and sounds

Bunker Room Concept art 

Problem: How would you visualize the environment you wish to create?

Greyscale empty concept piece


This piece is of my room looking from the middle towards the table with the phonograph on top, I could have done better for this piece by working more time in the shading. this task was alot harder than i expected with the large paper used.

Coloured high alert concept piece


This piece is of an invader in the bunker looking for bunker members hiding from them. I am happy with piece but i think i could have done better with the colour and shading. this task was alot easier using a smaller piece of paper than the greyscale.

Bunker Room 3D Workshop

In this Workshop, we were tasked with creating and importing our 3d models in to our rooms. here are the models i created:

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I’m extremely happy with how these models came out. there were no issues creating them.

Bunker Room Sound Workshop

We were tasked with creating new scripts to be used in the bunker rooms and to record them.

Script Age Of Napoleon

We recorded in the recording studio checking the sound levels and making sure it sounded good and clear to be used in game, we did 3 takes to make sure we got it right.

After we got the recording, using the equalizer tool i made the original recording sound like it had come out of an old phonograph and to make it sound loser to the phonograph i added a vinyl scratching sound effect.

(It can be heard in the Video showing off the bunker)

This task was really fun to do but i could have done better as both of the characters I voiced in the recording sound almost too similar to each other. so i next time i could work on keeping a distance between my voices. everything else was done with no problems.

3D Bunker Room Sounds

We were tasked with importing sounds in to unreal engine and create a trigger box using blueprints. this allows us in game to walk up and press E to interact to the phonograph and listen to the recording. and i also imported an ambience sound.

This task was easy to do and didn’t take me too long as i remember doing something similar in term 1 for the virtual gallery. i came across no problems while doing this.