For this task, we were asked to talk about our chosen area.

1. What is you chosen specialist area? why did you choose it?

I have chosen to look in to being a 2D/3D games artist because I have always been fascinated with the textures of used to bring life to environments, characters and objects and the pixel art used in the 16 bit era of video games, handhelds like the Nintendo Gameboy and retro-styled games.

2. Personal Skills/ Interpersonal Skills

Explain in depth the personal skills required for the Job and why

Personal Skills are the things that you are good at.

The personal skills I would require for a job is good drawing skills because as an 2D/3D games artist, you are required to draw what other people have as an idea. for example, if someone wants you to draw down there character that they tell you about, you would need to be able to draw that particular character they want.

Another personal skill, you would need for the job is the ability to adapt your style to the style of the game. for example, if you get asked to make your characters all cartoons but you always draw more realistic designs, you would have to try and design characters like a cartoon.

Explain Interpersonal Skills

“Interpersonal skills are the skills used by a person to properly interact with others.”

Interpersonal skills are the personal skills that you can give to the job to help progress the project further with your co-workers. This could be any skill, like being good at drawing or being good at communicating.

3.Technical Skills

Explain what technical skills are required for the job and why?

The technical skills that would be required for the job are the ability to use software like 3DS Max and Maya to create 3D models with a balance of detail and limitations in mind. This is to put bring characters, objects, and environments to the game from the concept art.

Another technical skills that would be required for the job is the ability to use 2D software like Adobe Photoshop to create textures and depending on the game characters, objects and environments. In 3D, this is to add colour to every 3D model and environment otherwise you would have gray models with no life to them. In 2D, this is to actually create the characters to be used in the game world from concept art.


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