For this task, we need to identify the skills we learnt this year and how it can be applied to our project.

Skills I Have Learnt And How Will It help?

During the course I have learned multiple skills like 3D modelling, texturing, recording sounds and creating concept art. For my final project, I would like to create a character animation sprite sheet. I want to not just create the sprite sheet however, I would also like do the concept art for that character as well.

Concept Art 

I learnt concept art during term 2 when creating our bunkers to get an understanding on how it would look in certain perspectives. This would help me with my final project as i would be creating the concept of my character, we haven’t exactly created a concept for a character before in class, but i have been learning how to draw a human male character outside of class.

2D Art – The Sprite Sheet

I haven’t learned how to create sprite sheets but i have learnt that outside of college. even while that is a case I have learned how to use Photoshop in college while creating textures. This would help me for my final project as i would be able to use what i learnt about Photoshop along side what I already learnt during my free time to effectively create a sprite sheet at a decent time.

Where Would The Project Fit In The Production Process Of The Game?

The Project would fit in the both the Pre-Production and Production of the game. The Concept art would fit in to the Pre-Production were i will be looking at designing a character and weapons. The 2D Art would come in during production where they would create the character that was designed in the concept art and then created in to a pixel sprite sheet.

After that is all done the sprite sheet is taken to the programmer, who will take the frame by frame and make sure it is animated to match what the play is doing, for example, if the player moves it would play the moving animation cycle till the player stops.

What Will I Need To Do?

For my project i would have to do two stages of work, Pre-production and production. For Pre-production, I will do primary and secondary research that would be necessary to create a sprite sheet and the animations of that character. For Production, I will be focusing on creating the sprite sheet in a pixel art style.

What Skills Would I Need To Improve On? What New Skills Will I need it to learn?

I won’t have to learn any new skills but i will need to improve my pixel art to try and create the best looking sprites i can.

What Hardware and Software Would be Required?

For this project, I would require a small range of hardware and software. the software i would need is Photoshop so i can create the sprite sheets in the first place. The hardware I would need would be a computer that has the requirements to run Photoshop.


Production Process of Spritesheet animation

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