For this task, we have been tasked to look at the DO’s and DON’T’s of the key legal issues that our project could come to view with.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright is the right to protect your work or idea once it has been physically conveyed in words or drawings.

Intellectual property is the think that you have created or invented that is protected by laws, like Copyright, to allow you to profit from your own creation.

DO’s – If you have an inventive idea, First do some research to see if someone has taken that idea and then if no one has taken the idea, make sure you physically write it down as soon as you can so your idea is yours. this will protect your idea as a concept and create evidence that the work is rightfully owned by you. or if you would like to use copyrighted material made by someone else, make sure you ask them first.

DON’T’S – Try to steal other copyrighted work, if you create a character or design that is oddly similar to another property. (for example, you draw a character that looks exactly like Mario a part from maybe having a different mustache, that is classed as copyrighting)

Contracts and Commissions

Contracts are the legally bonded agreement between two parties.

A Commission is an agreement between two parties to produce specific work within a specific time frame for a specific purpose.

DO’s – Read though the contract/ Commission to make sure that you clearly know what is required of you and what you would get in return for your contribution. if there is something you don’t agree with first discuss it with a legal party first and then with the contract creator to make sure that you could make some form of agreement change.

DON’T’S – Just accept a contract/ Commission without understanding what your in for. if you disagree with something your doing after you accept, that is your problem as you have already accepted the terms that you are required to work with.

Health and Safety and Risk assessment

Health and safety are procedures that are put in place to prevent you from becoming injured or become ill due to work

DO’s – Look in to what health and safety procedures have been placed for the role that your apart of and make sure you follow them so you don’t get injured during work. For example, I should take 5 to 10 minute breaks every hour when using a computer to make sure I don’t strain my eyes.

Make sure you also do a risk assessment to make sure that your work station is safe. For example, make sure that loose wires are taped down are out of the way from walking areas so no one falls over.

DON’T’S – Ignore the Procedures, don’t just stare at a screen for hours without end or leave loose object around the place for people to fall over.


DO’s – make sure you look in to what regulations have been set by outside companies like PEGI to understand what age rating your game would gain and add or remove something that can effect the rating so its more towards your target audience. for example, If I create a sprite for blood that would be used in the game, it would make my rating higher so to avoid that i would remove it from the game.

DON’T’S – be negative about the rating you get if it doesn’t hit your target audience. if you get given a 18+ rating but you wanted a 12+, that is your problem for creating the game around what would class that rating.


DO’s – Be aware of what may offend others and make sure that you don’t include it with work. For my project, I have to make sure that the character i create doesn’t use stereotypes, for example, if i make it a female character, i don’t want to make them wear extremely relieving clothing or put them in suggestive poses.

DON’T’S – Be Offensive when creating content, you can’t just create anything without making sure what can hurt people. For example, you can’t just make an offensive joke without hurting people.


From this task, I have learned about the legal issues that could effect my work if i am not careful. As a 2D artist creating sprite sheets there is alot i should be careful of using in a visual design aspect, I don’t want to use characters or items that have been created by or that offend others. This task was fun but i had no trouble with the task. i could improve by going in to alittle bit more detail and adding more examples.


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