For this task, we need to research and explain at least 3 ideas for your final project.

What is my Idea?

I have 3 Ideas that share the same style of what i would like to go for in the games industry when it comes to creating my game. I would like to create a sprite sheet of a character from a fantasy styled game. I have 3 ideas i would like to experiment with.

  1. A Mage using projectile based attacks like Fireballs and thunder spells. I got this idea from Donald Duck in the Kingdom Hearts series
  2. A Sword wielder with the ability to use dual swords as an a way to attack creating creative combo styles. This would also allow me do design swords during the concept phase. I got this idea from Sword Art Online’s Kirito
  3. A character that transforms them selfs in to animals to travel in multiple different ways as well as different attack styles. I got this idea from Ditto in the Pokemon series and Shantae from the Shantae Series

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The sprite sheet will include an Idle animation, a walk and run cycle, a jump animation, a Battle stance and an Attack animation.

What is the premise for your idea?

The premise of my idea is to create a sprite sheet to show a characters animation in a sequence to each other.

What has inspired you and why have you chosen it?

My Idea was inspired by the 16 bit era of video games like The Super Nintendo Entertainment System and The Sega Mega-drive. I have chosen this because I have always been fascinated by the way they made there games look good while keeping to the graphical limitations to not only the console but the Cartridges as well.

Sakura’s run cycle in Street Fighter 3

Where will your idea fit in to the game industry and is it trending?

My Idea of creating a pixel art sprite sheet fits in to the game art style as a visual representation of ageless pixelated characters, but it isn’t a trend, the trend is to have more high detailed models that look realistic, its more of a design choice that i prefer more than the popular choice.

Is it realistic that you can complete the project? (Time Span)

Yes it would be depending on how much i would like to create for the character. what i mean by this is dependent on how many animation cycles i would like to create. the main goal would be to create animation cycles for walking, Running, jumping, idle and an attack stance.

What do I know about my Interests? What don’t I know?

I know, how a sprite sheet is created and formed and how to properly organised it but i don’t know what limitations i would give myself when it comes to creating the pixel art.

What Platform will it be on?

It would be on a PC as that is a good platform to start off small when it comes to indie developers and almost everyone has a PC or some form of computer so it would be more convenient.

What Genre Will It Be?

The genre will be Action – Adventure. and will looks fantasy in style.

What is the Target Audience?

My game would be targeted at an age range from around 12 and above as the sprite would include an attack animation and would most likely not sit well with parental figures. the games setting would be a fantasy theme so fans of shows like Merlin or fans of games like the Legend of Zelda are an ideal source of what the game would require to fit the audience.

The feel of the Legend of Zelda is mystical. as seen in this image


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