For this task, we had to create a list of what would be required for each job role that would be required for our project.

For my project, I would like to create a Sprite Sheet to show a 2D character animation. here are the required roles for this job and the technology and equipment that is required for them roles

Concept Artist

The concept artist would be used in the project to design the characters that want to be created for the project, so if they were told to create a 14 year old boy with brown hair, green eyes and a cartoon style. they would need to be able to create that. Here are the technology and equipment they would be using:

  • Drawing Equipment (Pencils, Sketch pads, Ruler.) – This is to create drawings of ideas to picture how object, characters and environments would look and move.
  • Computer (Office Based system, would have to meet requirements of programs, this may vary) – This is to run the digital drawing software and to store them.
  • Graphics Tablet – This is to be more precise drawing when it comes to digital art and adding the more details.
  • 2D Drawing Software (Photoshop, Paint.Net, etc.) – This is to draw out the ideas in a digital format and add more colour, shading, etc.

Example of Concept Art

2D Artist

The 2D Artist would be the one creating the sprite sheet in the project being able to create the character, object or environment created by the concept artist but in a pixelated format with an animation cycle. This would be done by creating another sprite but with a different pose in a sequence to create a form of animation. Here are the technology and equipment that they would be using:

  • Computer (Office Based System, would have to meet the requirements of programs, This may vary) – This is used to run the software required to create what has been designed for them to create.
  • Graphics Tablet or Mouse (Dependent on what the 2D artist is more comfortable using) – This is used to draw out the sprite sheet so the characters and object could have animations and to be used in game.
  • 2D Drawing software (Photoshop, Paint.Net, etc) – This is used to have a place to create the sprite sheet on.

Example of a Sprite Sheet



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