For this task, we are looking at our inspirations for what specialist group that we would like to go in to in the games industry.

The specialist group I would like to go in to in the games industry is to be a 2D artist, especially for games that use pixel art.

What has inspired you?

I have been inspired by the 16 bit era of games and the games on the Game Boy Advanced like Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories and the Golden Sun Series.

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Who has inspired you?

Ken Sugimori has inspired me to become a 2d artist /concept artist.

Ken Sugimori – 2011

Who are they and why are they important?

Ken Sugimori is a multimedia artist that works for Game Freak, with the main focus on the Pokemon Franchise. He is mainly known for Creating the original designs for the first 151 Pokemon.

What have they created?

He has created alot of the Concept art work for the pokemon franchise and has worked the pixel art for the pokemon franchise, Mario and Wario and Pulseman. He also did the illustration for Sega 3D Classics Collection.

What do you like about there creative style?

I like how his art has progressed from pencil and watercolours to a digital art.i also like how the human characters look like they were created for a young audience with smooth inviting eyes and joy full smiles.


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