For this task, we are conducting research related to our final major project and how they would help.

Research Task 1 – Animation and movement

For this task, I am going to be researching how characters move within 2D animation and see how it would be applied to a sprite sheet. I will be doing this by watching documentaries and looking up articles based on 2D animation techniques like Key framing and tweening and how 2D animation started. This is secondary research.

This is important as a sprite sheet is a collection of sprites that show movement for the character in a frame by frame motion. it will help me learn techniques and methods to reduce the amount of sprites I would have to make for the animation.

Conducting the Research

First of all, I looked at Keyframing which is the main focus of the animation for the sprite.

Keyframe – The Keyframes are where you animation will start to where your animation will end.

Tweening – Tweening is a shorted name for “In-Betweening” and are a name for the frames that go between the keyframes to show the motion of the animation.

From this video alone based on the animation techniques on skull girl, I have learned alot about 2D animation.

Here are some short summaries of what techniques, I have learned about 2D animation:

Silhouettes – Silhouettes are important to define what pose your character is in. For example, if a character is swinging a sword it will be tell able from the silhouette and there stance.

Anticipation – Anticipation is to show more power in an attack to make it seem like its charging up. For example, a character will hold there sword back before swing it to show a more powerful attack.

Marth shield breaker
Marth’s Shield Breaker Attack from Super Smash Bros. Melee

Favouring Your Keys – Favouring your keys is when you used your limited amount of frames to make the transitions look clearer.

Followthrough – Followthrough is used to show motion though hair or loose clothing to show the movement the character has just done.

Smears – Smears are used to fill motion with a big movement radius, it help tells where the movement started and where there going to end up.

Overshoot – Overshoots are used to show more of an impact in an attack, it will show the characters punch or kick go a bit farther than the end point.

Breaking The Body – Breaking the body is used to show more power buy delaying the animation a little with an overshoot but in so doing something that looks like the character is doing something impossible.

Using Holds – Using Holds is where you uses your limited frames to make your animation fit with the games frame count and give your animation a strong motion, but its something you just can’t throw out. holds need to be used well.

Focus on Keys – Focus more on the key points in animations instead of making everything look flashy.


From this, I have learnt some techniques that will help me create my sprite sheet with less frames while making it look clean.

Research Task 2 – The Pixel Art Style and Limitations

For this task, I will be looking in to the evolution of Pixel art and how it can effect the design of the characters thanks to there limitations. I will be doing this by looking at articles and documentaries based on the history of pixel art and how that could effect how a character would look and to understand more on the pixel art style. this is secondary research.

This is important because I will be able to learn about the designs of pixelated characters were effected by the limitations of the hardware they were produced for and learn what my own limitations should be when i create my own sprite sheet.

Conducting the Research


Research Task 3 – Character development and Weapon Design

For this task, I will be looking in to the design of existing characters that duel wield swords and the designs of swords and what would be the most optimal for the character in hand. I will be looking at the designs with a focus on the build of the characters and clothing and then from that i will design my own character from what i have found out. I will also be looking at what swords would be the best for duel wielding with a focus on swift movement and then design my own from what i have found out. This is both primary and secondary research.

This is important as it helps me to understand how my character should be designed and what weapons should be used by the character. I will also learn about the body build the character should be and what the strengths and weaknesses are.

Conducting the Research

Characters that duel wield

Pit (Kid Icarus)

Pit dramatic pose e3 2011 press kit

Pit is the Main Protagonist of The Kid Icarus and was created in 1987. He didn’t gain the ability to duel wield till Super Smash Bros. Brawl where he was introduced after 12 years of not being in a game. He duel wields using the Palutena bow which when detached from each other can be used as two small blades light looking that can be used for quick attacks. Pits Design is based off of Greek mythology and wears a white tunic in battle. It looks like it was created to support the fact that he has wings. Pits design wasn’t based around his Duel wielding ability as in Kid Icarus Uprising, he gains a large amount of custom weapons based on player preference.

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

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Roxas is the nobody of Sora, The Main Protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts Series. He gained the ability to duel wield in kingdom hearts 2 where you would have to defeat Axel and then later fight Roxas with his duel wield ability. (Final Mix Only) He duel wields using two Keyblades (The Oathkeeper and The Oblivion) where he performs quick combo attacks in inhuman speeds as the game universe that he lives in has more of a cartoon-anime Cross over world. he duel wields in both of his outfits yet they both don’t hinder his performance, his more casual outfit would look more beneficial to duel wielding than his Organization 13 outfit where the coat looks like it could get in the way if he is not careful.

Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Kirito is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online. He gained the ability to duel wield during the Sword Art Online Arc being introduced during a boss battle. Kirito has used multiple swords during S.A.O but usually complains about weapons not being heavy enough to use so there is no definitive weight for the weapon. His outfits have also changed though out S.A.O but is always a black coat. It has not gotten in his way but in more recent episodes he has gone for a more smaller coat.

Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Lloyd is the Main protagonist of Tales Of Symphonia. He gains his ability to dual wield at the beginning of the game where he uses two Katana’s as the mains for his attacks but he has used multiple other swords like rapiers but each time he has used a sword they are usually made for quick light attacks. His attire is

Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)

Ganondorf is a Playable character in Hyrule Warriors and the main antagonist of the Legend Of Zelda Series. as there are multiple different Ganons, I will be focusing on a playable Ganon where he duel wields the Swords of Despair, they are very heavy and very powerful swords so they are slow in movement. His outfit is a plate armor with a small Toga-ish at the bottom, it doesn’t seem to get in to the way of the sword strikes. Unlike the other characters that have a Medium body type, Ganon has a large muscular body this would slow his movement but make him a lot more powerful.


From this, I now have learnt that most duel wielders in fiction have a medium body type that focus on attacking quickly with there swords in various combos but will still focus on a balancing between speed and power for a lack of defense apart from the two swords. This will help me design my own character once I start the concept art for the character and actually create them.



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