Explain planning, production and post-production techniques and processes you used to create an effective media product that will be present and promote your idea to target audiences.

During this project, I have had to plan and research the necessary topics and assets to be used for the project, when deciding on ideas for the assets, secondary research was conducted as a way to find out the styles used during the 1800s. I had to plan when it came to deciding what would go in my room, where they would be placed, which ones would play audio and how the audio would sound, I also had to plan out the dimensions of my room to get an idea of where everything would go. When creating the models for the room, I had to consider the limited tri count total that was set, I also considered what textured I would use as well as I wanted to make my room look poor and small while creating a sense of feeling at home and comfortable but i also wanted to make sure it fit with the setting of the story and theme of the game that is being marketed. For the Post-production I developed the promotional poster for the game, while the rest of the group focused on website banners and magazine advertisements, we did this as they give us a large range of mediums to show off our game and in turn reach out to a larger audience.

Describe your project

This project was based on group effort which focused alot on learning and developing a variety of skills. The end resulted with 5 rooms for an underground bunker developed in Unreal Engine for the game called The Age Of Napoleon. We all created 1 room each that would fit into a bunker making sure we kept to the themes of our rooms but also making sure they all fit into each other as the same bunker. To create our rooms, we had to research and plan every detail that would make our rooms what we wanted them to be before we development, and during production, we were taught new skills that would help us with 3D modelling, texturing, audio production and using unreal engine.

What were your goals and expectations?

My goal was to create a small interactable room that felt comfortable to be in within a world of war and fear while making it feel secluded and small, even with little knowledge of the setting beforehand, the audio like the dripping echoing from a distance and the audio log helped create a the feel while the objects like the beds, book and candles help give the feel of a comfortable place. My expectations were to create a small area with limited movement while creating high quality models with believable textures, and great sounding audio and i feel like i have achieved my expectations.

What is challenging, different and interesting about your media product?

My media product is different from other forms of media as gives the player an opportunity to explore as much as they would like to learn about the world around them and the story of the characters that inhabit it.

Who is your ideal audience?

My ideal audience would be teenagers and others that fit a mature audience. This is due to the games themes around violence that would not fit for a younger audience and would instead fit more with an older audience. When marketing the game, we made sure our imagery would show a more depressive or war style that shouldn’t appeal to children .

What is the message of the media product?

The message of the media product is to give an idea of what the outcome could have been if napoleon won the Napoleonic war with help from the tesseract giving players the opportunity to experience an alternate history.

How did your creative decisions help you communicate the message?

The small room with multiple bunkbeds help give off the feel that your a survivor among multiple others that have been affected by the outside world, and the audio log showing emotion of how the war has effected two of the characters.

Unit 5

What audio problems did you encounter during the production and post-production process?

During the project, I had to create audio that both brings life to the world as well as make the player feel alone. This became a problem when deciding how the audio tracks would mix in to each other during editting. I also had the problem of both my characters in the audio log sounding slightly similar.

What did you do to solve the audio problems you encountered?

Due to the deadline approaching, I wasn’t able to solve the problem i had with the audio log but i edited it to make sure it sounded like it was being played out of a phonograph to try and over that problem. and for the other problem, I decided to remove some of the the tracks to just focus on making the player feeling alone.

How effective was your final outcome in solving audio based problems?

The final outcome after solving the problems that i had was very effective and helped create the feel i intended.

How can I make this better?

I could of made it better by redoing the recording for the audio log to make sure that the characters sounded more diverse from each other.

What audio skills have I learned and how could I develop them further?

The audio skills I learned were how to add Foley to create sounds to create a certain feel. I could develop it further by learning more Foley techniques and sounds that i might not have tried.

Unit 6

What visual based problems did you encounter?

One of the problems I had faced was the placement of all of my assets, this was a problem as alot of my assets are rather large where they have been measured to the unreal character so i had to make sure it was possible to move.

What did you do to solve these visual problems?

I solved the problem by adjusting my rooms dimensions, this allowed me to move my assets in to more favourable places to its possible to move around the room without having any issues.

How effective was your final outcome in solving visual problems?

My final outcome for solving this issue was very effect, allowing the player to move around the room freely.

How can I make this better?

I could have made this better by having less assets or adjusting the room dimensions more to give the player more limited movement in a small room.

What visual based skills have I learned and how can I develop them further?

I have learned how to use the line tool to create 3d cylindrical models with better detail by using 2d shapes then using lathe to create it in to 3d than editing each edge separately.

Unit 7

What interactive based problems did you encounter?

I did not encounter any Interactive Problems from what i am aware of.

What did you do to solve these interactive  problems?

As stated before i had no problems to solve.

how effective was your final outcome in solving interactive based problems?

My final outcome for the interaction was very effective as there were no problems.

How can I make this better?

I could have improved by making the trigger box much larger when it came to interacting with the phonograph to listen to the audio log but its not been to much of a problem.

What interactive based skills have I learned and how can I develop them further?

The interactive based skills i had learned were the ability to make sure the audio log only plays once. I could develop this further by using it in later projects.