Characters That Duel Wield

For this task, I am researching 4 existing characters that use duel wield sword fighters to see if there is a common trend in there design. For this i will look at how they were designed, there inspirations for the characters, how they use there swords, and what they wear in combat.

What is Duel Wielding

Duel Wielding is a term used for using two weapons in battle either if its the same type or two different weapons working mainly with one handed weapons. This allows people to get in double the damage quickly at the cost of weakened defense. Duel wielding requires good speed, accuracy, power and fast reaction times to compensate for the lack of defense.

History Behind Duel Wielding

From what I can find, duel wielding swords was popular with a Japanese swordsman known as Musashi Miyamoto who created “Niten-Ichi-Ryu” (“Two Heavens as One”), also known as “Nito Ryu” (“The School of Two Swords”), which is  his two sworded Kenjitsu technique which involves a Katana (Long Sword) and a Wakizashi (Short Sword).

Here is a demonstation of Niten-Ichi-Ryu:

I researched this so when I look at the other characters, i want to see how close they get to there original source material when it comes to there duel wielding stance.

Deadpool (Marvel Comics)


Deadpool is an anti-hero from marvel comics, he uses a verity of weapons but often uses twin Katanas and Pistols. He has the ability to heal rapidly and is faster and stronger than any human.

This video goes over the design thoughts on how Deadpool moves around in his fight scenes explaining that they designed his movement around his characteristics as a mercenary with the ability to heal almost instantly.

This is some game-play from the deadpool game that was created before the film was released, this gives more incite on how he uses his weapons,


From this, Deadpool is shown holding one sword one side of his body and the other sword upside down in the other hand.

His fighting style looks like it was designed around his personality, being careless when swinging his swords but also being accurate on where he swings it, he doesn’t follow any particular style but works with a style that would suit a comic book setting.



Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

Roxas is the nobody of Sora, The Main character of Kingdom Hearts, He wields a keyblade (A Key that acts like a sword) but in terms of duel wielding he uses two keyblades, The OathKeeper and Oblivion representing both light and dark.


When he duel wields, he simultaneously swings both keyblades in a rhythm to each other, this is the same for both Aerial and Grounded combat, When he is in idle, he spreads his body out and moves around keeping energy flowing, (this is used in boxing to increase reaction time) He sometimes swings the Oblivion as well but I think that was done to make the character look more appealing while he is fighting.



Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online, He wields a black sword called the Elucidator when using only one sword, but in terms of duel wielding, he brings out his Dark Repulser.


When he duel wields he focuses on his reaction time to block and dodge enemy attacks, he then uses that speed to attack with multiple hits in to a rhythm that gradually speeds up but while he does this he leaves himself vulnerable to enemy attacks when being reckless, he focuses speed to attack than power.


Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed)

Edward Kenway is a Pirate Turned Assassin from Assassin’s Creed 4. He duel wields from the beginning of the game and continues to do it for the entire game.

Edward Kenway Idle


When he duel wields he moves around his opponents and waits for a counter attack and then chain kills the other enemies there. but when he is standing he holds his swords far apart and uses almost the same stance as roxas and kirito.





How Sprite Sheets Are Formed

For this task, I will be researching sprite sheets that use an 80 x 80 canvas size for each sprite to see how they are formed to make sense to the programmers.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog Sprite from Sonic Advanced 3 for GBA

The way sprite sheets are formed are to show each frame in order of how they would be animated in. The sprite sheet above has it laid out following the frames that move in to each other but doesn’t section the different animations from each other and instead lines them up which can get slightly confusing.


From the research, I have learned what the best way to format my sprite sheet would be when creating mine. This will help me produce my sprite sheet in the right format so that when If i animate them I would have an easier time showing how the frames would be laid down.

Creating Character Concept Art

For this task, I will be creating concept art for my final character designs, this will include multiple head-shots showing different emotions, hairstyles and accessories, multiple different Armour types, weapon designs and full body art of the final character.



Bald – nothing special, Just clean.

Very Short – Buzz cut, millitary styled

Short – very fancy, neat and tidy

Medium – Straight, rather boring

Medium (Loose) – Messy, Spikey, exciting

Medium (Styled) – Neat, Tidy… close to the short

The Final hairstyle chosen was the Medium (Loose) because Kasai’s personality and looks are supposed to be close to a fire and fire is chaotic and loose with the only movement being the wind.

20160617_181437 Emotions

These are the emotion study for Kasai that show 12 different facial expressions.








  1. simple and clear – Red Vest top, Black Boots, Black Belt and Blue jeans. close to street fighting characters. This will help show each limbs movement in the final sprite
  2. Red T-shirt, Black Boots, Black Belt, and Blue Jeans. its close to a pirates outfit, it would show more detail in the sprite but would take longer to animate and create each sprite.

the first design was chosen to make it easier to create the final sprite


Armour design (Scrapped)

The armor was taken out as it would take too long to add to the sprite with the deadline i have.







Kasai’s Katanas

Kasai’s Katanas wear designed to look like a traditional katana but with the hand guard having the kanji for Fire on it (Kasai) the colouring is red and dark red with the hand guard being gold and the blade being silver.






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