What was the purpose of the project? What did you hope to learn?

The purpose of the project is to get an understanding how pixel art is used in the game industry from a 2D designers perspective and I hope to learn what it is like to create a character from scratch and bring him in to a 2D game world.

What was the theme?

The theme for this Project was Fantasy, with a duel wielding sword fighter.

How have you developed your ideas?

I developed my Ideas through my passion for sprites and pixel art, from that i wanted to create a sprite sheet of my own character,  the idea of the duel wielding sword fighter came from characters from fiction that use two sword as there main source of fighting which got me interested in doing that. the other ideas of a mage and a character that could transform in to animals, with the duel wielding sword fighter being the most popular choice between me and my peers.

How much reference material did you find? Do you think you could have done more?

There was a wide range of secondary research that linked in to my work like, games that use pixel art to see how they created there characters to match the theme of the game or how those characters where created to be different from enemies and backgrounds, other characters that duel wield swords from media and history. I’ve also done primary research on how characters would move around with two swords and how characters could be animated and placed in to a sprite sheet.

Which developers, art movements, designers, media companies/campaigns and industry examples have you looked at to assist and inspire you? Why?

My inspirations for this project was the Kingdom Hearts series because of its fast-paced combat inspired the movement of Kasai and the Tales Of series, particularly Tales Of Symphonia for the character of Lloyd Irving for his duel sword wielding.

Explain how your production board presentation went. What feedback did you receive and how did this help you focus your production?

My production board was very useful for me as it showed that my project was heavy on research of character development, looking at other characters that use the same fighting style as mine but also to make sure my character is more individual than the others.


How did your work change through the project?

During production of the sprite sheet, I was given feedback to take a look at creating animated gifs of each animation to show how each sprite would transition in to each other to create movement.

Which technical skills, methods and techniques did you use?

I focused on using Photoshop when creating the sprite sheets but I learned how to create animated gifs and make it so each frame changes at a certain time. For most of the time, i was using brighter colours on darker tones of the sprites to create a shine of light and depth to show where the bends are. I also create some concept art using pencil and paper to design my character.

What were the key areas of development in this project? Use your daily reflections to help you with this.

The main area of development for my project was creating the sprites and making sure the frames look like they go in to each other. When creating the sprites I realized that the animation looked slightly stiff between transition, so i solved this by moving, removing and adding certain pixels to get it to look like there is a smooth animation.

What experiments and exploration did you do? How did it affect your project’s development? Were there any significant changes?

I experimented with the delay between each frame while I was creating the animated gifs to try and see if it would change the feel of the animation. this slowed production of the sprite animations but it helped create the powerful feel of the attack animation, making it feel like it is being charged up before having an explosive attack come out and then cool down. I also explored how duel wielding characters would move around by recording myself using two of my swords, (Wooden Katanas) this allowed me to get the feel of how duel wielders move around in and out of battle, and give me an idea of how Kasai would move around when fully animated.


Is the final product appropriate for the intended platform/purpose?

The final product is appropriate for the purpose, my final product shows my understanding of how pixel art is used in the games industry from a 2D artists standpoint. This is shown through the final sprites that have been created and how they transaction in to each other keeping without making it look to rough.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your final product.

The strengths of my final product were the timing on the delay of each frame moving in to each other, the blur on the blade of the attack animation, some of the shading on the sprites and the sprite for the Katana.

The weaknesses for my final product were the sprites used for the jump animation and the lack of a start up, some of the colouring used for the outline of the sprite, where most of it is not consistent.

Find a similar product – place it next to your own – what comparisons/difference can you identify?

full Sprite LloydSpriteSheet

When comparing my character to the Lloyd Irving’s Sprite sheet from Tales of The world: Nakikiri Dungeon 3 on Gameboy Advance. apart from more sprites, the idle animation of my character uses

Review your proposal – what changed, what developments did you make, did you manage to complete everything you set out to?

I believe I have followed my proposal very closely, the sprite sheet has been created with the Idle, Run, Jump and Attack all animated as well. my project didn’t exceed the limitations i had set but instead has almost halfed the amount of frames I originally limited myself too. The character’s design in suitable for the target audience of 12 years and older. each animation is under 8 frames, the idle is 4 frames of animation but uses only 3 sprites, the run uses 6 frames and 6 sprites, the jump uses 2 frames and 2 sprites and the attack uses 3 frames and 3 sprites.

Are you happy with your final piece? Are there any elements you like in particular?

I am very happy with my final piece, the element I like the most is the delay between each sprite in the animated gifs created, and how the animation looks very natural. i also like how the character looks with the colours chosen

Is there anything you would change? Why?

I would change the Jump animation as there in no start up which makes it quite confusing and the legs seem a little bit two stiff in movement as well.

Has your experience during this project changed your career goals?

No, i still want to become a 2D artist as i have learned that i technically animate the characters as well as create them in there digital format.


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