Sprite Creation Week 2

This week, I will be continuing on creating the sprite sheet by focusing on each part of the body. (Head, Arms, Legs, Body and weapons)

Idle Animation

Kasai's Idle Animation

The Idle animation was created to look like the character is swaying left and right, this was chosen to show off is personality and to keep him moving around. Kasai is a show off but is also rather serious about is sword skills. he holds one behind his back and one front sort to have a sword ready for a heavy swing from the back and a light swing from the front.

I have also recorded myself doing this pose to make sure i can get it just right when creating the movement for the sprite.

Running Animation

Kasai's Run animation

The Running animation was created to look like Kasai was actually running, the running is based off a superman style run with one sword being in front as an easy quick attack and the other sword being put down and to the side to be out of the way or made for easier air resistance as seen with how most fictional sword fighters run. It also shows how Kasai is ready to fight even out of movement.

Like the Idle animation, I have also recorded myself running in that particular way to get an idea myself for how the charater will move around.


For This week of creating the sprites, i am very proud of what i have already achieved and i can’t wait to finish off the remaining sprites. I had an issue when it came to making a sideways facing head but it was solved by looking at the reference material and seeing what the difference was between there head positions.

Comparison to reference sprites

For this task, I will be comparing how my sprite looks to the reference sprites I have used to create my sprites.

Iloyd Irving

My sprite uses this one as its main reference as both characters are duel wielders, the main differences are between the level of detail between each character having one have alot of different shades on the clothing and the skin, while mine focuses on less lighting and less colours but shows off brighter colours while Lloyd uses darker colours apart from where his swords are swinging.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 - Lloyd Irving


Sora was chosen to help develop the the bright colours of my character as well as being a great source for the different head positions where Sora’s sprite is a 8 directions sprite, there is not alot of simularities between my sprite and this one, apart from this sprite helped create the colour scheme for Kasai with the bright reds and the hair detail.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Sora


Lloyd irving

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