Sprite Creation Week 3

This week will be focusing on creating the final sprites, with those final sprites being the attack and Jump animations.

Jump Animation

Kasai's Jump animation

The Jump animation was created to look like Kasai is jumping, this one was the least liked one between each sprite as this was the last one made as well as the one that had to be done before the time limit. this one comes straight out of the idle animation and is supposed to show the lift and the descend , but this is failed to be show with out a final sprite showing the lift off.

Like the other sprites, I recorded myself doing those actions but the jump was the hardest one to get right.

Attack animation

Kasai's attack animation

The Attack animation is the one I am most proud of showing off the motion blur as well as being a 3 framed animation, this is to show a quick movement from one position to the other while being powerful at the same time. there was even a shine added to the blur to show where is has been and where it is at that point.

Again, I have also recorded myself doing this action.

Final Sprite Sheet

full Sprite

This shows all the animations that were created and was ordered in to how they were made without showing a sprite twice, each sprite animation is also labeled so its easy to understand.


For the final week of creating sprites, I feel like i could have done better with the jump animation, and I believe I could have put less time on the detail and more on the movement of the character instead. I had a problem creating the jump animation without a lift off animation due to the lack of time I had to complete the sprite.

Sprite animations

For this task, I took all the sprites i created and made theme as animated Gif files. this helps shows off there movement and the timing that would be used.



This animation shows off how Kasai sways left and right while he is also breathing as shown by the arms moving up and down, there is not much movement in this sprite but it makes for a good idle animation. there is a 0.2 second delay between each frame.



This Animation shows how Kasai runs with one sword in front of him and one behind him, there was originally only one hand in the first animation like he was running with both swords behind his back but this was changed to flesh out there character more and keep it close to the idle animation. There was a 0.07 second delay between each frame.

here is the original animation.




The Attack animation shows Kasai first charging up a powerful attack using a technique called suspence and the releases that attack for a split second and then poses with a cool down frame. There was a 0.5 second delay with the begining and the end frames while the frame between only uses a 0.05 second delay to make the attack seem instant.



The Jump animation shows Kasai’s lift up and decend, there is not much to this animation due to the time i had left creating the sprite but from what is there, you can see the difference between the lift off and the decend being the position of the legs and arms.


While creating the animations, I learned how to create gifs from each layer in photoshop as well as create the timing between each frame. There were no problems when creating this but i did have to learn these new skills before i started creating them.

Download Copy