Interview (Unit 12 2.1, 2.2)

Recently we have been doing research in to who we are and finding out if there is anything new we could find out about our self. To do this we have been tasked with interviewing one of our colleagues from out class and getting them to interview us to help us learn what we might have not known before and from there help us understand what we would like to do for our final major project.

Interviewing Joel Foster

First of all I had to learn a little bit about Joel before I interview him, I did this by having a small conversations about our interests and having a look at work we do in our free time and at college to see what we enjoyed the most. From this “Pre-interview” I decided to ask him these questions when it came to doing the interview.

  • What do you want to do as a career goal?
  • Are there films that has inspired that career goal?
  • What are you looking to focus on with this project?
  • What are you wanting to learn about from this project?
  • How are you going to look at the project?
  • How do you think this project would help you towards your career goal?
  • Is there anything you know already about your project?
  • Are there any inspirations?
  • How do you think looking at your inspirations would help you towards your final major project?
  • What are you hoping to achieve towards your final major project?

I learned a lot about Joel during this interview, focusing mainly on his interest in 2D animations, I learned that Joel would like to persue a career in animation which was inspired by Disney animations like the Lion King and different anime like future diaries, this has interested him in looking at the difference between eastern and western animations to find the differences between them.

Reflecting on my interview.

Once I interviewed Joel, it was his turn to interview me. He asked alot of questions about my hobbies that would mainly link to my interest in pixel art and how I would like to implement that in to my future career and what i would do if i were to work with pixel art for my final major project.

I believe I said a lot about myself and my link to pixel art to the best of my abilities when it came to answering the questions that I was asked during the interview, all though I felt like i was a bit to over powering in my interview, but again that showed my passions towards pixel art and working with it.

When I asked Joel if he had any feedback on my interview he said “I think with what you said with interests you should explore pixel art. Something similar to old style Nintendo or Sega. With what you showed me what you created in your spare time you could explore animation of characters or the world design.”


I really enjoyed interviewing Joel learning about his interests and getting him to interview me to see if I learn anything new about myself. This task was neither easy nor difficult as both I and Joel got use to each other pretty easily which made the interview less stressful and allowed us to get through them in a quick manner while also gathering the information that we got from our questions. This would help me figure out what I would like to do for my final major project as I now want to focus on pixel art but it’s figuring out what i would like to do with the pixel art that is my next question.


Myers Briggs Personality Test (Unit 12 2.1, 2.2)

Recently we have been continuing to further our understanding of ourselves to help us figure out what we would like to do for our final major project with. We furthered our knowledge by looking at the Myers Briggs personality test to see what type of person we would be. The Myers Briggs personality test is based off the theory that is used to “help explain some of the main differences between people and is used to help choose a career, improve relationships, develop leadership skills, etc.” (Team Technology, 2017) So to continue to understand ourselves more we were tasked with taking the Myers Briggs test to find out what personality we would have.

I took the Myers Briggs personality test using the 16personalities website, when taking the test, all of the questions I had to answer where statements that I decide how much I agree with the subject matter. There are 100 questions that I had to answer to give me my personality type. My personality could be 1 of the 2 parts in 4 different categories Extrovert (E) or Introvert (I), Sensing (S) or Intuition (N), Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) and Judging (J) or Perceiving (P) and once those 4 categories are put together I will get my personality type.


The personality type I was placed as was a Campaigner from being as honest possible when answering the questions that they gave. The campaigner is said to be “a true free spirit” according to 16personalities (2017) which continues by saying “They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others.”

The 16personalities (2017) website mentions the strengths of a Campaigner (ENFP) are there curiosity, observant, can be energetic and enthusiastic, are excellent communicators, know how to relax, and are very popular and friendly. They also have weaknesses which are there poor practical skills, finding it difficult to focus and then overthink things, get stressed easily, highly emotional, and being independent to a fault.

While reading through my results for the Myers Briggs personality test, I was really shocked to see how accurate it was to how I behave and act. The 16personalities (2017) have even stated “You may have muttered to yourself, ‘wow, this is so accurate it’s a little creepy’ or ‘finally, someone understands me!’ You may have even asked ‘how do they know more about me than the people I’m closest to?’”. It even surprised me with something about myself that I thought didn’t link to my personality what so ever stating “ENFPs loathe being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules” (16personalites, 2016) which made me think about how much I despise doing the washing up when I get told to do it.


I really enjoyed doing this task and there wasn’t any difficulty while doing the task because of how much of it is about myself and the personality group that I would fit in to. I agreed with the results I got only doing the test once because of the accuracy of the results that I got from the Myers Briggs personality test. This will help me in the future when it comes to figuring out what I would like to do for my final project and how I could make it my own, it would also help if I think about doing character design and thinking about their personality based on actions they would do in certain situations which would then help me with their design by looking at character with similar personalities.


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Myers Briggs Personality Test – Part 2 (Unit 12 2.1, 2.2)

Continuing from the first personality task where we had a look at the Myers Briggs personality test to find out what personality group we would be a part of, this time we will be doing the Myers Briggs personality test for one of our friends while they do the same based on what we know about them, the person I will be working with is Lorric Spencer.


Lorric got a different result to the one I had got for myself but with only the difference being that he believes I am more judging than I am prospecting which I can somewhat agree with but knowing this, the way I see myself and the way my friends see myself are almost similar.


From this, I have learned that the way people see me is only a little different from the way I see myself. This has lead me to think about how I could create my final major project to both the way I see myself and the way others see me.


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