Recently we have been preparing for our final major project by researching into our specialist area with mine focusing on pixel art and level design. We started off by going out to Canterbury to observe our surroundings to see if we notice anything, I used this task to observe more natural sources like Flowing water, plants that are moving in the wind and flying birds if It would affect how people feel in certain environments.

I first started looking at the movement of the grass in the wind but if a problem that came to my attention while out doing my primary research for the project, that problem is the grass was cut was recently shortened before I went out to do my primary research which made me look an alternative. Luckily there was an alternative nearby, with a large grass-like plant that has the same properties as grass which lead me to record it to be used as reference material for if I work with animation when creating a level.

This grass-like plant slowly moved back and forth in the light breeze, this created a slow yet calm feeling motion that I felt would work great in a plain field area or a small forest. looking closely at the grass makes me think about the different movement depending on the wind that could factor in when designing a level. After filming that the grass-like plant, I took a picture of some grass to get an idea of how it would look if I were to animate grass myself, this is to look at the colour of the grass so I could notice the further details like the yellowish colour on the top of the grass and how it gets darker depending on how close it is to the ground.

I decided to try to create a pixel blade of grass using Photoshop to gather an idea of how grass should look when created in pixel art. which lead to the design below.

Once I looked at the grass, I decided to look at flowing water, particularly falling water, this led me to record a fountain.

From this video, you can see that while water falls off the top of the fountain it jumps around the amount with a wave-like pattern where it flows down. Water doesn’t have a particular colour to it and is more transparent when you look at it but is very reflective of light which gives off a white outline to tell where the water flows, this is useful information for creating a flowing water animation or any body of water as it makes me think about the area surrounding the water to figure out the colour scheme for it.


From this observational primary research task, I have been able to Improve on my observation skills as well as forward my research towards my extended project for this year. This task gave me very little issues with the only issue being that it wasn’t very windy for the grass to be moved and where it was recently cut by the park’s owners, this was resolved by looking at grass-like plants that have larger surface areas that allow the wind to pick up. I was very happy with this task overall and can see it helping me with my research and the completion of my final major project.