Extended Project Pitch Proposal

Recently with have been writing up our project proposals for this year’s Extended Project to be used to get our projects approved to be completed to get us our final grade, for my project I wanted to look into designing a tutorial level that would teach the player the mechanics of the game and to explore different themes and how they make a player feel when interacting with those themes. This was chosen in hopes that this would be manageable within a set deadline, The video below is my pitch to two of my tutors explaining what my idea for the project was and how I am going to use the research to get to that point.

Before the project pitch, I felt really confident with my idea and I was hoping it was approved, I had even created a Presentation to show off my previous work and further my explanation. My emotion changed from confident to slightly nervous when entering the pitch but I continued on with the pitch anyway, this is shown in the multiple points where I stutter but I continue anyway. I managed to finish off the pitch and then I got feedback on my project, the feedback that I had received talks about extending the project to a working interactive level that will be created using Game Maker Studios, This project will involve looking at character development and looking at the environments to make a level showing my skills to this point.

With this feedback and the pitch was done, I am positive that I can extension of this task but I have one more obstacle in my path towards my Extended project, and that is repitching the extension of the project with a new project proposal.

-To be Continued-