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Level 3 Games Development


Unit 4 2.1

Virtual Gallery Reflection (incomplete)

Virtual Gallery 

My final project for the year is the virtual gallery that shows off all my work that i have done though out the first term of level 3 games development year 1. it was created using unreal engine and the multiple projects have worked on.

The skills the gallery helps me demonstrate

3D Modelling, Texturing, Perspective Drawing, Foliage, Still forms, Creating Foliage, Creating Landscapes, Gray boxing, Adding sound to objects, opening doors.

What industry sectors would these skills be useful in and why?

These skills will be useful in Indie and triple A sectors as they were focused on creating an interactive environment.

What different job roles do these skills prepare you for and what are the pros and cons of each job.


My Virtual Gallery

The Virtual Gallery

This is the Final Project that we have been tasked with for the first term.

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Week 5: Target Audience

What is a Target Audience

A Target Audience is a group of people that a product is aimed at. e.g. The Legend of Zelda is based around people who like solving puzzles and going on adventures. A target audience is very important to get your product to sell as without an audience, you will have no one to sell your game too, also you can’t really market a game to everyone as not everyone has the same likes and dislikes to a game.

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Week 6/7: Audience Influence

Audience Influence

Audiences are a big part of selling a product, without an audience you can not make earnings on your product while creating the product, but its not a simple task to gain an audience, it all comes down to money & strategy.

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Week 2: Development of 3d in the Media industry

As technology evolves, so does the use of 3D, being either models or making characters pop out of the screen. its has evolved since the days when media was starting out. Continue reading “Week 2: Development of 3d in the Media industry”

Week 3: Sound in Cinematic Game Trailers

Metroid: Other M Cinematic Trailer.

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